First Day in my Unofficial Office!

I guess you’d call this more of a place to work, since you know, Office sounds oh-so-very official (And this is most certainly unofficial)! Anyway, today I am sending out more e-mails, checking over my opening script and whipping out all the voice acting I’ve collected for Silverbrand thus far! ATM, I need a new actress for Silver, but I THINK I’ve found her. I’ll go back through some old e-mails and double check. After that, more e-mails, and I’ll get to work implementing everything I have received into Silverbrand. Once I have it all in, I’ll post it online for everyone to play.


Then I’ll break out some badass tools to work on AGWEII. Game On.

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New Office! (Alive and Well!)

Well, I’ve only got minutes before I return to the life of manual labor in one of them big ole’ factories. Until then: An update! The game has been, basically done, for a while now… but due to my lack of communication (As I situate myself in my new job) I have yet to implement all of the voice acting I have received!

To make up for my lack of focus, I have put together a small office to work from, and I shall now be putting in Design hours from 7:00am to 11:00pm every day to ensure realistic development of my true project: AGWEII. That means I’ll reply to e-mails in a timely manner, get time to learn a new game engine and update this blog more appropriately each week!

This WOULD have been my first week in my new office, but… my puppy had a crisis of mysterious blood loss. We’re still not sure how blood mysteriously vanishes, but the Vets say maybe a rupture. I’m thinking vampires, since after a transfusion he’s magically fine now. So, that’s been the priority this week.


Time to go to work, and lay out the garlic.

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“SilverBrand” 90% Complete!

After a long, dry period of no updates. I am happy to say that SilverBrand, a free Mini-Adventure, is nearly complete! While only a month long development time, it’s been a crazy one, with packed weekends and twists and turns. The biggest twist being due to my original composer being too busy with work to find the time to help me out! Understandable. Well, since I still needed music, I merely… asked people, and one composer sought out others to help me out!

Lo’ and behold, my game will now feature Music and Voice Acting. The people helping me out are extremely talented individuals, and I am absolutely amazed at how many came forward to help me. :) I honestly didn’t expect any help whatsoever, since past attempts have been met with… uh, I lack terminology atm, so let’s just say piss poor (They usually wanted my help instead or some nonsense.). Anyway, these guys and gals rock, which you’ll no doubt notice later. If you play the game that is.

You should btw.
Anyway, Screenshots!:

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Silver Brand – Project Update #02

HA! Forgot to update again because I was… WORKING! Like, hard! On this project! With what little free time I have! But, in the spirit of keeping you all updated, I will put another image up later. For now: I’ve completed the Walking Animations for the Princess, her speaking animations, thinking animation, painted everything but 3 of the required backgrounds, finished planning the puzzles and dialogue… and NOW I’ve just got to fill in the blanks, and hope that I can do the programming on time.
I’d like to add Deaths and Extras to the game, but next week will be devoted to the opening and closing cartoon animations. Those should be fun. We’ll see.

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